Assessments for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Undergoing a psychoeducational assessment can allow individuals to make sense of the symptoms they have experienced, and help confirm and formally identity a condition that they have personally already been aware of. The psychologists at Envision Mind Care have the training and technology to help you gain a clear understanding of your symptoms, determine whether you have ADHD, and provide treatment strategies to improve quality of life.

ADHD Assessments for Adolescent and Teens 15-and over

Typically, for adolescent ADHD cases, there will be early signs, such as taking forever to complete a task, or they may experience significant distraction and/or hyperactivity in a school or home settings. Additionally, Envision Mind Care can provide reassessments for those with prior ADHD diagnosis.

Where appropriate, we can help make recommendations for an Individualized Program Plan or Individual Student Profile.

ADHD Assessments for Adults Experiencing Difficulty in their Relationships, School and Workplaces

Prior to making an ADHD diagnosis, we will rule out any other conditions that may cause similar difficulties such as anxiety. Envision Mind Care will perform a very thorough assessment that identifies strengths and weaknesses along with other factors that may contribute to their problems. We perform a thorough clinical interview along with standardized testing. Followed by a feedback session, copy of a report with individually tailored recommendations. 

We can make appropriate recommendations for therapy, treatment, medication as well as school and workplace accommodations. We follow best practice Canadian guidelines for ADHD assessments. Our assessments are tailored so people can have an understanding of their specific problems. 

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