Individual and Couples Counselling


Envision Mind Care provides individual therapy in a safe and comfortable environment. Individuals are able to discuss openly their thoughts, behaviours, experiences, and patterns with a professionally trained therapist. Counselling can be provided in a single session or over an extended period depending on the specific needs of each person.

There can be many reasons for a person to seek out a professional therapist. From feeling ‘stuck’ or overwhelmed in their lives, careers and relationships to dealing with negative thoughts, depression, and grief. Envision Mind Care works in the strictest confidence for its clients, many of which are busy professionals, looking for the right combination of clinical best practice and welcoming atmosphere.


In working with couples, ideally both couples are present for the counselling. Couples tend to seek out therapy for reasons surrounding separation, divorce, loss, relationships struggles as well as medical issues. Envision Mind Care also can assist couples with pre-marriage counselling to improve communication and establish relationship boundaries. We also can help divorces couples who are looking to interact better around their kids.

Increasingly, couples are becoming more open to counselling and therapy as way to improve or solidify an already healthy relationship. Ask us about the best way to approach this, as Envision Mind Care can offer both couples counselling along with workshops for multiple couples that can be perceived as less threatening.

  • Help establish and teach others to respect your personal boundaries
  • Work on emotional and physical intimacy
  • Freely share feelings with your partner in a productive manner
  • Learn communication methods to improve how you relate with others
  • Resolve and manage conflict

About Our Counselling Services

Our therapists have expertise in treating a number of mental health concerns, including sudden or ongoing emotional stress, social anxiety, and depression. We are also available to help clients through relationship difficulties – such as long-distance relationships, infidelity, separation, or divorce – and other major life transitions, including personal or family role changes, work-related changes, and relocation stress. For relationships, it can be helpful to establish ‘ground rules’, articulate expectations (especially for pre-marital), and communicate personal boundaries. 

Getting Started and What to Expect

Envision Mind Care’s professional therapists offer individual and couples counselling, Edmonton and area service and can assist people with their personal, career, and familial issues.

No medical referrals are required. Feel free to either call us, email or use our online form. 

You can have an initial session with no obligation to have a follow-up session. You might come for one-session and get what you need. In other cases, we can be there to help you as long as you need in order to develop your own strengths and skills. 

Ultimately, there needs to be a good fit between the client and therapist and we will seek to establish this early on.
Our clinic respects your privacy and we specially developed our clinic to facilitate privacy both in-and-out of session.